Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Winning stuff = FUN!

I recently won a giveaway on Little Gray Pixel's blog! My first blog giveaway win. It's soo much fun. And it arrived in the mail today! Here are the pics:

So beautiful!! Thank you Little Gray Pixel/Vanessa. I'm definitely going to use these after I move up North. People are going to wonder where I got such lovely summery images so close to the Arctic! :)
Go to her shop and buy her stuff everyone! Her photos are wonderful.


  1. ColeAndJosephine said...
    holly e. said...
    congrats! how cute!
    cupcakebomb said...
    Congrats! They look nice and dreamy!
    Kimmy1013 said...
    Thanks!! Makes me think about doing my own giveaway soon :)
    audrey said...
    you're very lucky, this is very beautiful :)
    drey jewelry.

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