Monday, March 15, 2010


It’s uncanny how when I am soon to depart a place (I move from Edmonton to the Northwest Territories in just under a month), I discover things about that place that leave me in awe. Perhaps it’s because when we know we’re leaving we become more nostalgic, more open to seeing what we may never get the chance to see again. Thing is, these things have been around us the whole time…and for me, I allow myself to get too bogged down in the day-to-day that I don’t see them. But this weekend I SAW the new Art Gallery of Alberta:

An exhibit featuring the stunning portrait work of Yousuf Karsh. "Karsh: Image Maker features original portraits, studio and darkroom artifacts, and archival material that build an unforgettable picture of the artist that was Karsh." Every single image told a story. It was a breathtaking experience.

Karsh, Estrellita Karsh, 1963. (MFA via

An exhibit of sound by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller. "Consisting of 98 speakers, The Murder of Crows is a complex interweaving of voice, music and sound that generates a profound physical impact on the listener." A complete mental, physical and emotional experience, this artistic piece stayed with me long after I left the gallery.

I encourage you all to see "your place" with fresh eyes. Be open to the treasures that are right next door.


  1. cabin + cub said...
    oh how exciting for you! i have never been to the North West Territories before.. would like to visit one day. and i agree, sometimes its so fun to be a tourist in one's own city and explore the things around you. ;)
    Absolutely Small said...
    Thanks for the reminder to check out what's around us! It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day, and leave the sightseeing for vacations. :)

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