Monday, March 22, 2010

It's winter again in Edmonton! Cold and snowy this morning, but I guess I better get used to that.
I'm changing the name of my blog to reflect my upcoming change to the Northwest Territories. Maurice is still around tho, badgering away.
I got a great start on my packing this weekend - one goal accomplished.'s some books I've read lately cuz I realized I haven't posted that in awhile:

Tangling up family at its finest! Such vivid and honest storytelling. A thought-provoking read.
Blunt, controversial and persuasive. This book doesn't beat around the bush, it takes you right to the centre, thorns and all, and makes a compelling argument. Wish it would have spent more time on ideas for solving the problem though, instead of just stating the problem from every angle.

Waters is definitely one of my favourite fiction authors. She draws you in so subtlely and before you know it your gasping with the thrill of it. One of those books you hate to see end, it's so good you want to stay awhile longer.


  1. Debbie said...
    I will try to read the Sarah Water's book. I like being pulled into the plot while dreading the end coming all too soon.
    Almost Precious said...
    This year seems to be; The Year of the Never Ending Winter. It refuses to go away!

    Your book review certainly intrigues me, especial the last one by Sarah Water; "The Little Stranger". I'll have to look for it...finding the time to actually read it might be the more daunting challenge. :)
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