Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Maurice: It appears that this is becoming a regular Wednesday feature...

1. The Northwest Territories, Canada. Since this may very well be where I'm headed for
my next adventure, I'm reading everything I can on the subject!!

2. Bon Iver/Justin Vernon. If you have not heard his music, find it now and listen! My significant other and I are headed to see Justin in Cincinnati at the end of March. I fear my s.o. may just pee his pants with excitement.

3. PassiveAgressiveNotes. Almost as funny as Check it out for a giggle or two when you're feeling crappy.

4. South Park Season 13. My friend recently sent this to me (thank you Wynne!) and it's so perfect for those 'turn off your brain and veg' times that I love! And c'mon, it's South Park!

5. Blogs, blogging, my blog, your blog, finding new blogs. I guess you could say I'm into the whole blogging thing.


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