Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Dene Drummers
Yesterday evening the Dene Nation Assembly kicked off with a late yet lively Opening Ceremonies in the town field. I have been hearing about the Assembly non-stop since I arrived in Good Hope, so it was very exciting to finally see it come to fruition. It was to a somber backdrop though. Two days ago a loved and respected member of the Fort Good Hope community, Charlie Tobac, passed away very suddenly. Charlie was a truly kind and generous soul. He was so dedicated to the traditional Aboriginal way of life, yet so willing to share his knowledge with outsiders. He is, in fact, one of the people who met my parents in Winnipeg during the Residential School Convention. He will be so, so missed.
Fittingly, the Ceremonies began with the Dene Drummers taking the stage and playing a prayer song for Charlie. Then there were some very amazing drum dances, of which I took part!! And a fun jig, twist and jive competition, of which I didn't take part. lol.
 Angus during the prayer song (I think this is one of my favourite pictures)
Drum Dance!!
In honour of Charlie I'm re-posting this picture. He's 2nd from the right between his wife, Laura, and my Dad. He will be missed.


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