Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back in Good Hope :)

So the rest of my time in Inuvik was awesome! Whenever I travel, inevitably, I'll end up meeting and having great conversations and/or adventures with strangers who quickly become friends. Crystal is one such person. I met her in a shop in Inuvik. We instantly got along and she invited me to hang out with her on Canada Day. We had a BLAST!! I adore those perfect spontaneous moments that will never be repeated yet stay with you forever.

And now I'm back in Good Hope...with only two weeks to go till I head back down south for the rest of the summer!! I don't want to think about that tho, cuz I want to blissfully avoid, at least for two more weeks, the decisions that will have to be made when I return "home". Plus, I don't really want to leave Good Hope...and I can honestly say that I've never said that about anywhere before!! Maybe my decisions won't be as tough to make as I fear...
Here's one more shot from Inuvik. They have the most Northern community greenhouse in the world! I went and toured it. Awesome.

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  1. Budilian said...
    I can't believe you're almost on your way back. It sounds like this has been a great experience for you.

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