Sunday, July 18, 2010

One More Goodbye

Tomorrow I leave Fort Good Hope to head back to Winnipeg for the rest of the summer. I haven't really made a big deal in my blog about leaving the North, because for the longest time I thought I would be returning in September for another placement with Frontiers Foundation.
Funny how life never seems to quite work out how you think it will...
I've been offered a job teaching English in the Republic of I must decide if I will do that come September. Yes, the Republic of Georgia. It borders Russia, but is also close to the western Asian influences of Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
Talk about going from one extreme to the other.
But for now my attention is focused on saying goodbye to Fort Good Hope...something that is going to be very hard to do.

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  1. Ms.T. Fishstabber said...
    Wow. Republic of Georgia... if you do it, what an adventure! Wanna go to China? My son's school is hiring there. In fact, a year ago, when he was getting job offers, he had to be really careful not to get suckered into a scam (bait and switch) where you get offered a job, even sign a contract but when you get there that job is mysteriously not available and you can get pushed into a crappy job. That may just be China, anyway he was LUCKY to get a great job teaching middle school and he is signing on for another year. You never know what can happen when you have that teaching certificate! Always ask to speak to someone who currently teaches where ever you are thinking about going, it is a conversation worth it's weight in gold. Take Care, TF

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