Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Wells & Parental Update

Fort Good Hope, from the River
Yesterday I went on a four hour boat ride to Norman Wells with Angus!! It was very long, but so very beautiful to travel down the Mackenzie on such a clear, sunny day. And speaking of sun, I remembered to put sunscreen on my face, except for my forehead! LOL! I'm so glad I have bangs, cuz my forehead got sooo burned, it looks ridiculous.
Here's couple shots from the journey:
 The Ramparts, near Good Hope
At the dump in Norman you see him??

There he is!!
Our Captain...Angus!!
And speaking of Angus...a couple posts ago I mentioned that he was in Winnipeg last week for a Residential Schools Convention, and that he met my parents!!! Well here's a photo from their meeting. Yay!! With them are Charlie and Laura, two other Good Hopers who were in Winnipeg for the convention.
Angus, Bonnie (Mom), Pat (Dad), Charlie & Laura
Sooo awesome to connect Good Hope with Winnipeg! :)


  1. Ms.T. Fishstabber said...
    Is Norman Wells a town? What does one do in Norman Wells?

    The photos, as always, are quite engaging.
    cabin + cub said...
    Oh that is a big bear! Hope you kept your distance! ;)

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