Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fossil Lake

I find it so ironic that up here in the high North of Canada the weather is hotter, sunnier and all around better than down south in Winnipeg and Edmonton. It has been hot, hot, HOT here. +25 in the shade and climbing!
Last night I got to experience my first NWT boat ride. Angus (our lovely Fort Good Hope friend and unofficial ambassador) took myself, Anouk, Ida and Gretal (Ida's dog) on an awesome boat ride from the Mackenzie River, down Fossil Creek to Fossil Lake. We hiked up to a waterfall near Fossil Lake, and then tried our hand at some fishing. It was such a fun time, complete with eagle, beaver and muskrat sightings! The only down side was the mosquitoes. All the stories are true, they are getting torturous, and will probably soon make any outdoor activity less than enjoyable...even with bug spray! We were undeterred though. :) Here's some pics of the trip. Oh, and this is what "night time" looks like now in Fort Good Hope. The sun sets about 2am!

Headin' out on the Mackenzie
Parked at Fossil Lake

Headin' back down Fossil Creek

Fossil Creek
Having another Northen adventure! (my hair is getting so long and out of control!!! lol)

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  1. Rachael Thomas said...
    Beautiful pictures! Oh and your hair is lovely! I know what you mean when you say it's getting long. I have short hair too and it gets too long.. people look at me like I'm crazy!

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