Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bon Voyage Anouk!

Wow! How can a friendship form so fast and a couple months fly so quickly?? Anouk, who I've mentioned in some previous blog posts, is the other recreation assistant that I've been working with up here. As her term was from Sept/09 to today! June 23/10, this morning she began her long journey back to Belgium, her home country.

Throughout these past couple months, Anouk became so much more than merely my co-worker. She was the person who met me at the airport when I arrived in Good Hope, and she guided me through the first weeks of this crazy journey. For that I will forever be in her debt. She was my roommate, and was often at the receiving end of some venting when I needed a sounding board. She helped me learn how to do a job that had no job description and how to be confident in a place where one is an obvious outsider! Not only did she teach me a lot about composting and cooking, but she taught me so much about how to be a friend. Aside from a best friend in grade 6, I never really formed close friendships over the years. There are a variety of reasons for this - I move around a lot, I tend to lean on the introverted side, I don't trust people very easily - but it is something that I've often wanted to try and change. I still have a long way to go, but hanging around people like Anouk (and other "Herd" members - Arthur, Ida and Angie) I'm slowly learning what good, solid friendships look like.
Anouk doesn't like pictures of herself posted on the Internet. So, sadly, you don't get to see what she looks like here...but just picture a beautiful 19 year old Belgian with shoulder-length brown hair, non-stop energy, sparkling eyes, and a sunny smile. I'll miss you Anouk!!

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