Thursday, June 17, 2010

Angus, who I've mentioned in a few previous blog posts, has truly been one of the most friendly and welcoming people I've met in Fort Good Hope! He is constantly phoning Anouk and myself to see how we're doing. He's always suggesting get togethers or little trips. He took me on my first skidoo ride, he took me and Anouk on a boat ride to Fossil Lake the other day. He is someone I'll always remember fondly from my time here. Anyway, this week he is Winnipeg for a special convention planned and put on by the "Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada" - an organization created for survivors of Canada's Residential Schools. Being up in the North, pretty much everyone I meet over a certain age is a survivor. The whole history and implications of Residential Schools is too much to get into in this simple blog post. Yet, the thing I am excited about is...before Angus left Fort Good Hope for the convention, I gave him my parents phone number so, if he had time, he could contact them when he was in Winnipeg. Well, he did!! And he and my parents are getting together for dinner tomorrow night!! I just think it's so awesome that my friend from up here is actually gonna meet my family down south.


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