Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last week/weekend I was in Vancouver visiting Wynne, one of my uber fantastic best friends, and Lorne, her…umm…boyfriend without the label “boyfriend” (what is it with guys and the word “boyfriend”?!!?...but I digress).

Vancouver is a pretty amazing city. It’s got an active enough vibe without being too stressed out. It was my first time really seeing a lot of the city and I loved it. Wynne lives in East Vancouver, and the day I arrived there was a shooting in her neighbourhood. She is convinced it happened because nothing ever happens, so if it was going to happen it would happen when she had a guest. Here's a pic from the news:

Two hilights: Budgie’s Burritos – yummy veggie, organic food and
C’est La Vie – a wicked consignment clothing store on Main St.
Of course the battery in my new camera died and I forgot to bring the charger. *sigh*
The Olympic Machine wasn't really obvious on the streets yet...I'm sure it'll be insane very soon. Regardless, it was so much fun!! Thanks Wynne and Lorne.


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