Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Turning Japanese

Usually when I search for art I am not immediately drawn to the Japanese style. Yes, Kokeshi dolls are cute and Koi Fish can make beautiful tattoos, but it's generally not my first choice...
However, I am currently reading this amazing book about Princess Masako:
A book that came to be banned in Japan (it is only now being published there) it steals a look into the mysterious world of the Japanese royal family and details the pressure that the Royal Household Agency placed on the princess to produce a male heir. "A thoroughly modern woman in collision with an ancient system." Its fascinating. I love this kind of story. Sooo...

Maurice: So?

I put together some fun finds from Etsy shops - paintings and photos, Japanese themed art I can get behind - in honour of my current read. Enjoy!

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  1. EatingLifeUp said...
    YAY! We are blog buddies now! Here is the Wikipedia link to that classic book I was suggesting to you on the bus. I thought it was Japan but it was actually China. I think that this summer I might read it again.

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