Friday, February 19, 2010

From Saskatchewan to Guatemala

Maurice: Well...where have you been?

I was in Saskatchewan for a week hanging with some pals.
I used to live in Regina, spent 5 years there, and it always feels kind of weird when I return. So much happened in my life while I was there and then I up and left it all to live and work in Poland! I don't really know why it feels so surreal to return to a place you were once so immersed in...

So I finally had an interview with the school in Guatemala!! It went quite well considering some technical difficulties (we were skyping). Fingers crossed. I would love the chance to teach there. The other solid possibility right now is in Russia. The quest continues...

I've posted some new things in my etsy shop. Like this funky, retro ad:

Very happy with the new camera so far.

Maurice: And your latest read?

"I, Rigoberta Menchu" Inspired by my latest potential teaching gig, I picked up this book the other day. So far it is a pretty good read. It tells the life story of peasant woman Rigoberta Menchu who grew up in an Indian community in Guatemala. Chapters are divided into themes such as "Marriage", "The family", "Life in the Community" with each one detailing the community's customs and traditions for that theme. There is a lot of repetition and many details become redundant. Yet it is an very interesting look at the culture of an entire, often forgotten, people.


  1. Gremlina said...
    turtles & latin american history?! great post!
    Kimmy1013 said...
    Thank you!! :)

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