Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

It was a very busy long weekend here in Fort Good Hope. The annual Sylvia Kelly Memorial Volleyball Tournament took place, and the whole town, as well as many neighbouring communities, came out to have fun, play, and compete for prizes.

Anouk and I were tasked with planning some activities for the kids who were a bit too young to play volleyball, to give them something else to do. It was pretty fun (surprisingly, considering my lukewarm feelings towards children!) We had a couple movie nights; climbed Old Baldy - the largest hill in town - and roasted marshmallows; did some arts & crafts; and although we did not have a chance to watch much of the volleyball, we still had a great time. The photo above is me and some of the girls who climbed Old Baldy!

But...the hilight of the weekend for me was the Fiddle and Drum Dancing on Sunday night/early morning (it ended at 3am!!) It was the first time I have ever seen and danced at a party like that. The drumming was my favorite though. So powerful and wonderful.

The musicians

The dancers

The drummers

Oh, and regarding my last post...we got water!! Friday afternoon. Thanks for sending those prayers to the water gods :) Have a great day.


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