Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yesterday I had one of those, 'I can't believe I'm here and doing this' moments.
I've been working a lot with the Chief lately. Once he found out my professional background is in communications and writing he kinda nabbed me to do some writing projects for him. Yesterday he called, told me to get my camera and notepad ready because we were heading out on a charter flight to document the status of the ice jams on the river. Also, to check up on local people who are living on the land right now who may be at risk of flooding. Fort Good Hope flooded once a few years ago, so checking the ice jams is a way to prepare if and when there is another flood. The experience went something like this:

1) climb into this tiny propeller plane

2) squeeze in behind the pilot, yes I really was this close to him so I could tap him on the shoulder if I wanted him to turn the plane around for a better shot

3) click away with my camera when we reached the big ice jams

4) check up on people who are living on the land right now

5) return to earth and post our results for the community


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  1. trixiefishstabber productions said...
    You are not a city girl anymore. What a great experience. I am interested in what your job description is actually and how long is your contract? Did you explain it here and I missed it? Take Care, TF

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