Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Home Sweet Not Quite Home

Just got home from Cincinnati. But "home" isn't always the place you come back to...Edmonton never really felt like home anyway. I'm back here for two days before finally heading North. Go figure I was just offered the TEFL job in Guatemala! But, I committed to Fort Good Hope, so that's where I'll be trekking.

I haven't quite returned to reality yet. So in honour of our time in Cinicinnati, here's how Shawny and I started every day: Frisch's Big Boy breakfast buffet. The best and most friendly service either of us had ever encountered.
And how we ended every day: On the balcony of our hotel, looking out over the Ohio River to downtown Cincinnati.

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  1. cupcakebomb said...
    Paid off 8 credit cards!? Wow! Good work!!! I'm still working on mine... slowly getting there.
    I tagged you in my blog yesterday. :) I enjoy your blog! Have a good wkend!

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