Saturday, April 17, 2010

Change of Plans

No Colville Lake this weekend :(  We (Anouk, myself and 3 others) were supposed to go for their Spring Carnival. But, since there are no paved roads up here, and the winter ice road has melted and turned to mud, we didn't make it. We tried tho. Drove 15 kms in about an hour and a half on the bumpiest ride I have ever experienced! Anouk told me that plans can change often up here...So today I just walked around the town and took some photos:

modern version of a teepee
 the one and only store here
in front of a house
at the Catholic church's graveyard, the town also has a pentecostal church

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  1. Martha said...
    You are very brave to go on such an adventure!

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