Monday, December 6, 2010

Do Something that Scares You

After high school I studied theatre. I have acted in and directed dozens and dozens of plays. But the one form of theatrical performance that always scared me was improv. Standing on stage in front of an audience with nothing but yourself and your wit was a terrifying concept. Well, never one to let a fear get the best of me, I joined am improv troupe - The Crosseyed Rascals. Our Xmas show took place on Saturday night and it was a blast.

Sure, not everything was perfect. For example in one scene I found myself trapped under a tiger named Simba with no clue where the scene was going. Thankfully my partners Brad and Mitch baled me out of that one! But overall, the show was a huge success. The audience laughed the night away and the icing on the fruitcake was that I conquered a fear. So let me encourage you to do something that scares you. Even if you end up under a large jungle cat, chances are someone will show up to save your sorry ass!


  1. Budilian said...
    Congrats on making the plunge into improv. It's such a rush.
    Kimmy1013 said...
    Haha!! Total!!! It's terrifying, but soooo rewarding. :)

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